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Timber Veneer, Plywood and Veneer Panels in Perth
Silk Veneer is WA Owned & Manufactured
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Product Knowledge

We pride ourselves on producing high-quality timber veneer products and meticulously check every sheet. Veneer is what we do.

State of the Art Machinery

Our Perth workshop is the heart of our timber veneer production. This is where our expertise comes to the fore in personalised veneer selection, through to joining, pressing and sanding.

Over 50 Years of Experience

We have over 50 years of experience in timber veneer production, and we're ready to take on any project you throw our way.

At Silk Veneer, you matter.

At Silk Veneer, our people have been in the Veneer Industry for more than 50 years, and today we offer a range of services that leave nothing behind. From careful selection of raw materials, processing with the latest technology, to sophisticated product logistics, we have the knowledge, the experience, and the equipment to supply Veneers of the highest quality.


From Decorative Plywood, bending ply, light weight substrate to Natural and Reconstituted Veneers and Edging, we stock a wide range in our Perth warehouse. Whether you are remodelling your kitchen or needing light weight plywood to fit out your camper we will work with you to find a solution and if we don’t have it at our Kewdale warehouse, we can source it for you.

Veneer Board



Lightweight Substrate

Natural & Reconstituted Veneers


All of your Veneer needs, produced locally at our Kewdale Factory. From jointing, pressing to trimming and Sanding, we have you covered with our quality and experience.

Veneer Pressing

Our state of the art Flow Line Press produces high quality Veneer and Laminate panels

Panel Sanding

Wide belt sanding providing a Silky smooth finish to your veneer panels.

Veneer Jointing

Our in house jointing service, creates seamless layons


Timber, a naturally beautiful and architectural building material, there isn’t a manmade material that comes close to its rich elegance, individuality, and durability. Timber Veneer gives the beauty and warmth of solid timber without the weight or the cost. Being a natural product, no two logs of timber are the same. If uniformity and consistency is what you are after, reconstituted timber veneer offers a solution that’s even in colour and pattern.


A natural renewable resource, Timber Veneer is an extremely sustainable product. From just one cubic metre of timber log, one thousand square metres of veneer can be produced – great for the environment and your budget! We source our Veneer from a range of sustainable sources throughout Australia and around the globe.


Locally sourced

From local W.A Species such as Marri, Jarrah and Blackbutt to American Oak, Walnut and Cedar and every species in between we can source a range of Natural Veneer to suit your needs. Timber logs are sliced or peeled then joined to form a workable size sheet of veneer. We then press these veneers, using our state of the art hot press onto the substrate of your choice, MDF, Particleboard, Plywood or light weight material including Balsa creating a solid sheet that is both beautiful and durable.

Wide Ranging

Timber Veneer has a range of applications from Furniture, door skins, wall or ceiling panelling to cabinetry and joinery, the options are endless, and our team can assist you with selecting the right solution for your application.


Timber veneer is a thin layer of timber that is sliced or peeled  and joined to form a workable size sheet of veneer, it is then affixed using a hot press  onto the substrate of your choice, MDF, Particleboard ,Plywood or even a paper back. Natural Veneers are as individual as the logs they are manufactured from.

Reconstructed timber veneers are natural veneers that are put through a process of peeling, dying, reconstruction and slicing to form a range of consistent colours and patterns.

The applications of veneer are endless, from furniture and joinery or cabinetry to architectural applications such a wall panelling and columns. Timber Veneer gives you the beauty and richness of solid timber without the weight or cost.

  • Timber veneer is a sustainable, environmentally-friendly material
  • Suits a range of applications and shapes that solid timber and laminate aren’t suitable for
  • Beauty, warmth and durability of solid timber, The solid look without the weight or the cost
  • Premium product and finish
  • Natural and unique

The price of timber veneer is dependent on many factors, veneer is much more cost effective than solid timber. Our team will work with you to find the best solution for your budget and application. Our knowledge and experience will save you time and money.

We love solid timber, but it is not always the most suitable or cost-effective option. Veneer is environmentally sustainable and has many application possibilities.

Yes, Natural Veneers are made from a thin layer of timber pressed onto a substrate such as MDF, Particleboard or Plywood.

Reconstituted Veneers are an engineered and manufactured from natural timber, dyed (to a range of colours) and laminated together.

We have a solution to suit your needs.